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Geocode Instructions

  • Print out these directions. An alternative would be to close or minimize all other open windows except this one and the Find Your School by Address page and then tile the two windows either vertically or horizontally. You will then be able to follow these directions along side the form.

  • Please, first enter the information for the Zip Code and the Street Number in the form. Then select the first character of the Street Name from the dropdown list (for example, both "Elm St" and "E Faris" begin with the letter E. Numbered streets may be listed in the database as ordinal numbers, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd…nth or, alphabetically, such as First, Second, Third…and so forth. Hence, a street could be listed as either 23rd Ave or Twenty-Third Ave; in this example, you would either select the number "2" in the former case or the letter "T" in the latter case. If either attempt failed to yield the street name in the list, you would simply try the other.

  • Entering the first three fields significantly narrows the search for Street Names and is mandatory.

  • Whenever any changes are made, you must refresh the list of streets by clicking the "Refresh Street Name List" button. If your browser has a progress bar, wait until the Street list completes refreshing (this normally takes a few seconds). If, and only if, you have previously selected a street, you can be assured of a refresh when the previous street name is replaced by the word "-Choose-" in the dropdown box. From the "Street Name" dropdown list, select your street.

  • For ease of use, it is recommended that you work your way through the form sequentially filling all the required fields from the top down to the bottom. In this manner, you will not be required to click either of the two buttons (labeled "Refresh Street Name List" and "Search"). With the street selection as the last step, the resulting grid will be displayed without having to press the "Search" button. On the other hand, when entering the data out of sequence, such as changing the Zip Code as the last step, you must click the "Search" button to be sure that the street list correlates with the Zip Code. As another example of entering the data out of sequence, when changing the Street Number as the last step, you would be required to click the "Search" button. Indeed, when changing the street number, you may find that it does not exist on the selected street. In that case, the grid would clear and you would be compelled to refresh the street name list.

  • The Zip Code field and the Street Number field do not automatically post back to the server for processing. So, when changing these fields, you must click the "Refresh Street Name List" button to refresh the list of streets.

  • You should see a grid of three schools: Elementary, Middle, and High School for your geographic area. You may be required to scroll down to view the entire data grid.

  • Please, check the parameters directly above the data grid for verification. It is possible, for example, to change the street number in the form and neglect to refresh the Street Name list. In this event, the parameters shown directly above the data grid would reveal this oversight by displaying the original street number. Remember that Geocodes and their associated schools can significantly change from one end of a street to another.

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